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Heavy Duty Note Counters with Forgery Detection
Full range of Heavy Duty Banknote Counters with Multiple Forgery Detections
Cash Weighing Scales
Full range of Money Weighing Scales
Fake Note Detectors
A full range of Fake Note Detectors with Advanced Forgery Detection

Here are some examples of customer testimonials:

'We have noticed a greater increase in cash sales during the present economic downturn - we believe that nobody seems to have confidence in the banks and credit card companies clamping down hard on their terms and conditions - cash seems to be more widely used. It seemed prudent as a small business that when presented with amounts of cash notes that we took steps to safeguard ourselves against possible forged notes etc. We contacted Mr. Mike James of Laurel Data supplies and his knowledge, service and expertise is excellent and we consequently purchased  a BC 130 Plus Dedicated Sterling/Euro Note counter with QUADRUPLE Advanced Counterfeit Detection  and Touch Screen Technology. We would most certainly recommend Laurel Data Supplies products and services'.
Zahid Malik, Sales and Operations Director, The Back Shop
'I just wanted to express how delighted I was with the customer service you gave me when I was trying to buy a cash counting machine on-line. After finding out that you did not take Amex, you very kindly telephoned me back to say that you were going to add Amex to your payment system and as soon as this was completed you would call me so I could give you my credit card details. I then had 3 days annual leave and when I returned you called me to say that the Amex system was still not in place however you would post the cash counting machine to me in advance to save me waiting any longer. I was thrilled. We received the machine today and I called to say that we had received it and to thank you. Later today you rang and were abe to take the payment. I am most grateful. What customer service.... '
A major player in the Travel/Leisure Industry
'We have been extremely pleased with the fast, efficient, professional and very friendly service we have received from Laurel Data Supplies and the product has certainly lived up to our expectations! We will definitely continue to be a customer and have no hesitation in recommending their services to other companies'.
Kanoo FES, a major foreign exchange provider.
We are counting thousands of pounds everyday and our company has 6 branches nationwide. We have been introduced BC140 one year ago.despite huge amount of the money bc140 flows when counting.we are also very happy with technical support,we know that when we need them they are always there and ready to help. By the way yesterday I have ordered another bc140 for our branch.
A major Food Service Company
We are extremely happy with both the service and products provided by Laurel Data Supplies. Their after-sales service is of a high standard, with a quick turnaround. We high recommend Laurel Data Supplies.
A major Financial Institution.