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FAQ in connection with Cash Handling Equipment supplied by Laurel Data Supplies

New £5 and £10 banknotes

The new polymer £5 banknote has been with us for nearly a year and the new £10 banknote is due for launch in Sept. All Cash Counters featured on this website have been updated accordingly and will work with the new banknotes. There are significant differences between the old and new style banknotes, apart from the material used, as follows:

1. The new version is smaller
2. The security features are different

This presents Manufacturers with a problem! Most Banknote Counters these days feature size detection meaning that the machine will recognise a £10 note within a bundle of £20 notes for example. Unfortunately with most Note Counters this means that it is not possible to count both old and new style £5 notes in the same bundle without deactivating size detection as the smaller sized polymer note would be rejected. However our CCE 230 NEO and CCE 3060 Note Counters are able to count old and new style notes in the same bundle without the need for pre-sorting! When searching for a banknote counter online it is worth checking whether old and new style notes can be counted together since many suppliers
simply state that their machines are 'polymer ready'. Note Counters from Laurel Data Supplies are set up to count both versions without any adjustments.

New €50 banknote

*All Note Counters and Fake Note Detectors which we source from Cash Concepts Europe have passed the ECB tests for use with the new €50 banknote due to be launched in April 2017. Please note that not all suppliers of cash handling equipment have equipment which has passed this test for the new €50 banknote. If in doubt we suggest you check on the ECB website for a list of manufacturers and suppliers and don't simply rely on simple statements on websites such as 'ECB tested'; you will find that in many cases these relate to historical tests and many suppliers now only have approval for the new €5, €10 and €20 banknotes and not the new €50 banknote.

Q. What is the difference between a Rear Loading Currency Counter and a Front (Top) Loading Currency Counter?

A. With a Rear Loading Note Counter such as our LDS800 you are restricted by the gap at the rear of the counter to loading a maximum of  approx.100 notes. On the other hand, a Front (Top) Loading Note Counter, such as our Models CCE 230 and CCE 3060, will allow you to load approx. 250-300 banknotes at a time. Therefore, Front Loading Banknote Counters are the choice of enterprises having large volumes of cash to count such as Banks, Foreign Exchange Dealers, Post Offices etc. It is for this reason that Front-loading Note Counters are often referred to as 'Bank Grade'. Rear Loading Banknote Counters will normally feature a single counting speed, typically 1.000 notes/min. whilst a Front-Loading Note Counter will generally come with 3 selectable counting speeds from 800-1.500 notes/min. The slowest counting speed is generally used for counting folded, worn or damaged banknotes.

Q.Can you explain to me the various Forgery Detections such as UV/MG/MT/IR together with their effectiveness in detecting fake notes?

A. UV Detection
UV detection was the original method of Forgery Detection and as such has been around for many years. There are many thousands of UV detectors installed world-wide. Lately, however, doubts have been cast over the effectiveness of UV detectors to detect banknotes produced by professional forgers who know how to treat fake notes in order for them to appear genuine when viewed under UV light. As far back as 1996 a large number of fake banknotes was seized in the UK all of which had been treated so as to appear genuine when viewed under UV light. It is for this reason that we have taken the decision not to market stand-alone UV Forgery Detectors.

MG Detection
Most banknotes world-wide have areas of the note printed with special Magnetic Ink. This ink can be detected using special sensors fitted to Note Counters and Counterfeit Detectors. Although considered more secure than UV detection, these inks are available and can be used effectively by professional forgers to make fake notes look genuine.

Infra Red (IR) Detection
Again most currencies world-wide have areas of their banknotes printed with special IR ink. When viewed under IR light only the areas printed using Ir ink should be visible. A very secure form of Forgery Detection but one which can be emulated by Professional Forgers.

MT Detection
Generally considered one of the most reliable forms of Forgery Detection. Special sensors fitted to Note Counters having this Forgery Detection look for certain hidden security features within the banknote.

SD Size Detection
All of our Note Counters and Auto Forgery Detectors feature Size Detection which is mainly used to detect 'rogue' notes e.g. a £10 note in a bundle which should only contain £20 notes although it would also detect a fake note with the wrong dimensions.

Q. What about Scottish and NI banknotes?

A. Scottish and NI banknotes generally have different security features compared to English Sterling banknotes. For this reason they are not included in the menu of currencies on our range of Note Counters. However, all of our Note Counters have a UV only detection mode which should be selected in order to count Scottish/NI banknotes. Please note that, in common with other suppliers, our stand-alone Auto Forgery Detectors cannot be used to count Scottish/NI banknotes.

Q. What are the advantages of an Auto Forgery Detector compared to other forms of Forgery Detection?

A. As already mentioned, Laurel Data Supplies do not supply stand-alone UV Detectors due to question marks over their ability to detect professional forgeries. Our CCE 110 NEO CCE 112 NEO and CCE 112 MULTI are fitted with Multiple Forgery Detection inc. MG/IR/MT/SD plus Watermark and Thickness. They are designed to detect all forgeries, including professional forgeries. The beauty of these devices is that no operator decision is required since the unit will automatically detect a forged note and alert the operator. Please note that Auto Forgery Detectors, including those offered by other suppliers, cannot be used with NI and Scottish banknotes due to the different security features present on these banknotes compared to Bank of England banknotes.

Q. What about your range of Cash Weighing Scales?

A. Cash Weighing Scales are widely used as a convenient method to count both notes and coins. The main downsides are the time it takes to count loose notes as opposed to a Friction Counter since notes can only be loaded in batches of 20 or 25 plus the lack of a forgery detection facility. The Tellermate Ti-X D2000, which is manufactured in the UK and comes with a 5 year warranty, is generally considered to be the market leader in this sector. All current models are already configured to count the new £5 and £10 notes plus the new £1 coin.

Q. Can you give me details of the warranty you offer?

A. All products supplied by Laurel Data Supplies come with a full 2 year Parts and Labour Warranty (5 years in the case of the Tellermate Cash Weighing Scales). In addition, we offer the following:

No Quibble 14 day Return Policy

A brand new replacement machine should a defect occur, which cannot be rectified by an operator adjustment, within 30 days of purchase.

However, our high level of Service and Support doesn't end with the expiry of the Warranty period. We will continue to offer a high level of Support and this is one of the reasons why a high proportion of our turnover comes from repeat business!