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Cash Concepts CCE 2060 with Advanced Forgery Detection for GBP/€/USD

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*Heavy Duty *New £10 polymer banknote ready  *Multiple Forgery Detection  *Value Count for 10 currencies inc. English Pounds/€ and USD  *New updated model *2 year warranty *Update software will be available for all future new note issues.

Unlike similarly positioned and priced Note Counters from other suppliers, the CCE 2060 offers Pre-Select Value Technology (not mixed notes). Simply select the denomination to be counted via the 'VALUE' button provided e.g. £20 and at the end of the count the total VALUE will be displayed along with the number of notes. No need for a calculator! The CCE 2060 benefits from the latest Multiple Forgery Detection which sounds an alarm and stops the counting whenever a fake note is detected. The machine will also stop if a 'rogue' note is detected e.g. a £10 note in a bundle of £20 notes. Software is included for 10 default currencies:EURO/ENGLISHPOUNDS/USD/CHF/TRY/SEK/DKK/RON/BGN/HRK. A UV only detection mode is included for counting other currencies such as Scottish/NI banknotes together with a Free Count mode without forgery detection to enable the counting of vouchers, coupons etc.

The CCE 2060 features 3 operator selectable counting speeds: 800/1200 and 1500 notes/min. The unit can also be set to count in batches from 1-999 via the numeric keyboard. Build quality is top notch and a 2 year Parts and Labour Warranty is included. Latest model features enhanced counting capability for English Sterling banknotes, including the new £10 banknote. The majority of Banknote Counters are designed to count primarily EURO or USD banknotes and other currencies are added as an after-thought.  

*All Note Counters and Fake Note Detectors which we source from Cash Concepts Europe have passed the ECB tests for use with the new €50 banknote. Please note that not all suppliers of cash handling equipment have equipment which has passed this test for the new €50 banknote.

  • Ready to count the new £10 polymer banknote. Both old and new style banknotes can be counted in the same bundle - no need to sort between paper and new style polymer banknotes!
  • Also ready and tested for the new €50 banknote!
  • Latest Multiple Forgery Detection designed to catch all forgeries and not just the easy ones!
  • Pre-select Value Technology enables the Value of a count to be displayed as well as the number of notes
  • Ability to detect 'rogue' notes e.g. £10 note in bundle of £20 notes
  • Software included for 10 default currencies including English Sterling/Euro/USD banknotes
  • UV only mode for Scottish and other banknotes.
  • Latest software included for Euro Series II banknotes including the new €50 banknote
  • 3 selectable counting speeds: 800/1200/1500 notes/min.
  • Loading capacities: Input Hopper 300 notes. Output stacker 250 notes
  • Add/batch Functions
  • Selectable Auto/Man start
  • Free count mode without forgery detection for counting vouchers/coupons
  • Dimensions: 240x258x235cms Weight: 6.5kgs
  • Power: 230V/50HZ. Consumption: 50W
  • 2 year Parts and Labour Warranty
  • Certificates: CE/ROHS
  • Product data sheet

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