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Cash Concepts CCE 112 NEO Auto Forgery Detector for Sterling/Euros

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*Multiple Forgery Detection for English Pounds/EUR/CHF/PLN/HUF  *Auto Detection of Forged Notes  *2 year warranty  *New £5 note ready. Also new €50 note ready!*


Brand new to the UK, the CCE 112 NEO is a fully Automatic Forged Note Detector featuring Auto Detection of English Pound and Euro Banknotes plus 3 other currencies! With the CCE 112 NEO no operator decision is required due to the fact that suspect notes are automatically rejected!

The CCE 112 NEO features 6 point counterfeit detection: Magnetic Code/Magnetic Ink/Infra Red/Banknote Size/Banknote Thickness/Watermark. An alarm sounds whenever a suspect note is detected and at the same time a prominent red warning strip is illuminated (green in the case of a genuine note). The unit can also be set so that the suspect note is automatically returned to the operator.

Where a banknote is detected as genuine the value is automatically displayed and the operator can set the unit to display the value of single notes or a cumulative total. For convenience English Sterling and Euro banknotes can be inserted in any direction.

*All Note Counters and Fake Note Detectors which we source from Cash Concepts Europe have passed the ECB tests for use with the new €50 banknote due to be launched in April 2017. Please note that not all suppliers of cash handling equipment have equipment which has passed this test for the new €50 banknote. 

CCE 112 NEO Features/Benefits:

  • Auto detection of English Pound/Euro banknotes - no need to press buttons to change currencies.
  • Pre-loaded software for additional 3 currencies: CHF/PLN and HUF.
  • Suspect notes are automatically rejected - no need for operator decision.
  • Multiple Forgery Detection: Magnetic Code/Magnetic Ink/Infra Red/Banknote Size and Thickness/Watermark
  • Multifunctional Display shows the number of accepted notes together with individual or cumulative note value
  • English Sterling, Euro and PLN banknotes can be checked in any orientation (NB the CCE 112 NEO cannot be used with Scottish/NI banknotes)
  • The unit can be set to eject notes from the front or the rear.
  • Prominent red strip is illuminated when a suspect note is detected together with an audible alarm 
  • The CCE 112 NEO has been tested 100% by the ECB for the detection of counterfeit Euro banknotes including the new €50 banknote.
  • New £5 note ready and software updates will be available for the new £10 note.
  • Software updateable via micro SD card - no need to download software to a Computer!
  • 2220-240V Adapter included. Optional rechargeable battery
  • Dimensions: 150 x 137 x 85mm. Weight 0.54 kgs
  • UK sales/service support!! Now with 2 years Parts/Labour warranty!
  • Product data sheet pdf

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